How to Bake Responsible AI Into Generative AI Deployments - Go Purple

Fuel iX if designed for Responsible AI from the ground up. It is a mix of tooling and methodology employed to combine Red Team and Blue Team capabilities and reduce generative AI risk for enterprises.

May 21, 2024

Responsible AI is a popular topic of conversation within enterprises. However, Responsible AI is a term with many meanings, nebulous objectives, and little standardization around how to achieve it. TELUS recently walked through the approach it used in building Fuel iX and ensuring Responsible AI was baked into all of its generative AI solutions.

Jesslyn Dymond, Director of Data Ethics, Data & Trust Office at TELUS breaks down in the video below how the company fused traditional Red Team and Blue Team approaches to arrive at a Purple team methodology. This approach led to an award from the Responsible AI Institute in 2023, and enabled the TELUS Fuel iX implementation to become the first generative AI solution certified for ISO 31700-1 Privacy by Design.

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