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May 5, 2024
TELUS unveils GenAI customer support tool powered by Fuel iX and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to enhance customer experience

TELUS has introduced a generative AI-powered customer support tool on its website, developed with Fuel iX and Microsoft OpenAI Service, to offer quick and intuitive customer service. Since its launch, it has answered over 50,000 queries, improving query resolution efficiency by 28%. The tool emphasizes data privacy and ethical AI use, aligning with TELUS's recognition for responsible AI practices.

April 2, 2024
TELUS International Announces Fuel iX Beta Program, an Enterprise-Grade AI Engine For Bringing Generative AI to Production

Fuel iX helps companies upgrade their generative AI (GenAI) pilots to production scale, deploy customized solutions faster, and effectively manage the technology responsibly. Enhanced management capabilities enable organizations to consolidate visibility across their GenAI applications, which often run in multiple environments, applications, and clouds.

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