TELUS unveils GenAI customer support tool powered by Fuel iX and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to enhance customer experience

TELUS has introduced a generative AI-powered customer support tool on its website, developed with Fuel iX and Microsoft OpenAI Service, to offer quick and intuitive customer service. Since its launch, it has answered over 50,000 queries, improving query resolution efficiency by 28%. The tool emphasizes data privacy and ethical AI use, aligning with TELUS's recognition for responsible AI practices.

May 5, 2024

TORONTO, MAY 6 2024 - TELUS is pleased to announce its new generative AI (GenAI)-powered customer support tool for – one of the first customer-accessible GenAI solutions from a Canadian organization. Powered by Fuel iX and Microsoft OpenAI Service, the GenAI customer support tool offers fast, easy and intuitive responses to customer queries, providing a more convenient and seamless digital experience.

Since roll-out began, the GenAI support tool has already answered more than 50,000 customer queries, helping 28% more customers find the information they are looking for versus conventional site search on their own. For added convenience, customers with account-specific questions can be directed to TELUS agents who are always available to help with more complex, personalized service requests.

"We know our customers value their time and convenience, and we're excited to use the power of generative AI to help them self-serve and make their support experience quicker, easier and more intuitive,” said Hesham Fahmy, Chief Information Officer at TELUS. “TELUS is equally committed to our globally-recognized responsible and ethical approach to technology design and data stewardship, and our AI support tool is no exception.”

GenAI is an advanced technology that can create new content, images and text by learning from existing data and patterns. TELUS’ GenAI tool has advanced natural language processing capabilities and accesses more than 1,000 customer support articles to deliver quick and intelligent answers to many commonly-asked questions, providing efficient and round-the-clock support. The tool has been built prioritizing data privacy at every layer of development, adhering to ethical Privacy by Design and Responsible AI principles. TELUS GenAI has undergone rigorous risk mitigation testing to identify, evaluate and safeguard against vulnerabilities.

TELUS is a global leader in the responsible and ethical use of AI, and recently won the international Outstanding Organization 2023 prize from the Responsible AI Institute in recognition of its commitment to fostering trust and benefitting society. It’s also the first telecom company in Canada to sign the Government of Canada’s voluntary code of conduct for generative AI, which aims to ensure the transparent, equitable and responsible development and deployment of GenAI technology.

The TELUS GenAI support tool is powered by Fuel iX, an enterprise-grade AI engine designed by TELUS International to help companies deploy and manage customized GenAI solutions at scale faster, and integrates large language models from Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

"TELUS is embracing the AI opportunity to unlock new possibilities for the customer experience,” said Tom Kubik, General Manager, Enterprise Commercial Industries at Microsoft Canada. “By integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, TELUS can tap into the power of generative AI to offer more convenient and seamless experiences to their customers across Canada.”

TELUS is committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer experiences. The collaboration with Microsoft and TELUS International is a testament to TELUS' technology innovation in providing connected, humanized and digital-first experiences to its customers.

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